The Dairy Queen Faces

DSC_0480-1It was hot, and Dairy Queen was calling.  My old self would have grabbed the camera like a pair of shoes. Capturing daily moments like a walk to Dairy Queen used to be what I did.  I love the story of Life.

But about 6 months ago I abruptly stopped taking pictures.  I lacked the want-to; some of you know what I’m talking about. When I started wanting to again, I discovered a tragic result: Tristan had forgotten how to look at me.

Was it the passage of time, or the fact that he had turned 13?


DSC_0489-2Sawyer still knows how to look at me. There is a camera in front of my face, but he’s looking at ME.

(Don’t despair, his haircut is scheduled for Thursday.)


DSC_0501-3I notice when I point a camera at any given person, that they change from their uninhibited selves,  to a version of themselves. Only a certain breed of person can continue to look at YOU and not pose for the camera. I can’t even do it.

I think it has to do with being comfortable.


DSC_0502-4This is comfortable.


DSC_0504-5 This is not.


DSC_0511-7This is comfortable.

.DSC_0512-8This is comfortable.


DSC_0510-6This is, “Mom, can I please just drink my slushie in peace?”


One thing remains clear. Whether they let me into their soul or not, I’ll still point and shoot if they’ll let me.


DSC_0506-1How else can documentation of blue-stained lips from a blueberry slushie be frozen in time?

It sounds like a description from a bad novel..”His eyes were like two pools of blueberry slushie…”




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