The Line Was Too Long

DSC_0003-2  It was the perfect almost-autumn day to go apple picking,

We drove to the orchard,  but nary an apple did we spy.

Turns out, everybody else in town thought it was the perfect day, too.


DSC_0046-3So we swung the car around and headed for the other side of the park.

Luckily,  it was also the perfect picture-taking day.


DSC_0108-2We had a lot of ‘splaining to do when we got home.

“Where are the Honey Crisp apples?” the boys asked.

“We didn’t get any.”

“WHY NOT???!!!”


DSC_0068-2“It was so crowded when we got there, that we decided to take pictures instead.  Doesn’t your sister look nice?”


DSC_0172-2 “It looks like she has a bunch of moldy spaghetti hanging around her neck.”

SUCH a little brother response.


DSC_0181-2 Of all the grown-up shots I took that day this was my favorite.

Berry juice, blood-stained finger-panting imp.

She’ll always be my little girl with a bit of mischief in her.

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